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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2017 9:00am-9:08am EDT

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other business has to happen. we will show you a little bit of that session when it comes back and when that is done, it should on take about five minutes or so, when it is dumb, we will -- when it is done, we will come back to this session. we will go into open phones. if you want to comment on anything you have heard this morning or in the news that you want to bring out -- bring up, you can do so. -- don't forget with everything else going on on capitol hill, you can see those hearings on the senate side. sally yates taking a look at the russian elections and also the circuit court of appeals case in richmond, taking a look at president trump's travel ban. if you go to our website, a full listing of what is going on with that information. we will first show you the house of representatives as that goes
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into -- as soon as we finished showing you that come we will take you to open phones.
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host: doors are open and business ishost: ready to proceed. mission to-span's cover the house of representatives, when it comes in to session, we wait for the doors to open, as soon as they business,inish their we will be back to this program. we want to remind you it is probably a good time to call the
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open phones. -- host: let me take the time to show you about a special program tomorrow taking a complete look at the coal industry. people who work in the coal mines, energy providers who depend on coal, we will talk to environmentalists concerns about -- concerned about the effects of cold, and a special airs tomorrow, the complete course of the program from 7:00 to 10 a.m. air live and we will talk to these individuals. if you want to go to our website for more information, you could even find literate -- video interviews conducted with that willrkers and
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give you a sense of what to expect for tomorrow. take a look at the coal industry, go to our website for more information. the house of representatives is scheduled to go in right now and conduct some business in a pro forma session and then scheduled to gavel out. usually the proceedings take five minutes once they have started. that is not the case today obviously. we will go to that and then continue on with our program. we will be updating you sent. -- updating you soon.


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